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About Us

Our Background

With 25 years of experience, we help to bring quality and customised OEM brand damper and ball valve actuators, with swiss technology into the global market

Swisotec Actuator is a Poland-Singapore joint venture company. It manufactures OEM brand Damper & Ball Valve Actuators.

With a robust experience over 30 years in HVAC industry, Swisotec Actuator has so many breakthroughs, advocated by international solution partners on its reliability and trustworthiness, consistently delivering on promises of product success & timely delivery.

At the heart of Swisotec Actuator's success lies its symphony of Swiss engineering with human expertise and machine automation which guarantees precision and performance excellence. All actuators are made responsibly with ISO 9001, CE, RoHS Certified, and BTL listed.

With a combined factory size of 200k square feet strategically located in Poland and China.

Currently, we boast an annual production capacity of 600 thousand actuators, with the flexibility to scale up to ONE million actuators.

Our factories uphold the ISO 9001-2000 (CQC) international quality management system to maintain product excellence throughout the production process.​

Swisotec is an environmentally conscious company. We work with partners and suppliers who are ISO certified to ensure the delivery of the quality products at reducing carbon footprint to protect the environment.


Contact Us

For any inquiries, please call: 6570 3233 or fill out the following form

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